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Retaining Walls Brisbane

Retaining Walls

Be it a home, river area, walkway, park or commercial/industrial location, it is imperative that your retaining wall is properly constructed so as to enable it to continue to fulfil its purpose.

You can rely on Brisbane Pro Bricklayers for quality blocks and retaining wall products as well as talented brick and block layers to provide you workable creative solutions. On a daily basis, our bricklayers Brisbane deliver proven performance on city streets, commercial properties and backyard landscapes.

We build stunning retaining walls that add depth to your gardens and outdoor spaces. Keep your soil properly supported, beautify your lawns and garden and add value to your environment.

At Brisbane Pro Bricklayers, our block walls stay solid and our retaining wall products offer up a selection of designs and style choices to meet your site and taste requirements. All of our collections build the basic gravity wall system for smaller wall projects.

Benefits of a Retaining Wall

There are a number of benefits to having a retaining wall, ranging from reducing soil erosion to helping with floods. Between the wind, flash floods, and neighbors who overwater their lawns so that the excess spills over onto your landscaping, you can have a lot of soil erosion. Not only can soil erosion leave your landscaping with unsightly pockmarks and messy areas, it can also be dangerous.

Our retaining walls also doubles as a property boundary marker, checking encroachment from neighbours or thoroughfares. Either way, a retaining wall can be a solid and clear property boundary to discourage people from taking advantage of your property.

Retaining walls also add an attractive element to your property. These walls are not always boring like most people feel. Our bricks have several designs, styles and textures as well as choice colours to match your landscape.

Likely, several of these benefits will catch your interest and help you decide if a retaining wall is the right next step for your landscaping improvements.

Types of retaining walls

A few different types of retaining walls exist and it’s important to understand their differences which can help inform your choice.

Cantilevered Wall

This option will contain an internal stem that may be reinforced steel, cast in place with concrete or mortared masonry that connects to a large structural footing.

Gravity Wall

Sometimes you need to build a retaining wall but no room for excavation, the gravity wall is a readily available solution. Gravity retaining walls utilise their own weight to resist lateral earth pressure. Commonly, gravity retaining walls are massive because it requires significant gravity load to counteract soil pressure. Sliding, overturning, and bearing forces shall be taken into consideration while this type of retaining wall structure is designed. This design is the most common type of retaining wall. Depending on the weight bearing requirements, our team can provide single skin brick, double skin brick and even block retaining walls to buttress your garden or outdoor space. Blockwork can be reinforced with a combination of steel and concrete to create a high level of structural integrity. Our retaining walls also come in different colours to suit your landscape

Anchored Wall

The additional strength of an anchored wall comes from boring into the ground and using pressurized concrete that expands into a bulb shape beneath the soil. Cables will then connect these anchors to the wall’s material structure above the surface. This design is far less common and is considered to be more specialised.

Contact us for your durable erosion control brick and block retaining walls. Our earth retaining wall systems enhance construction efficiency and can be completed at competitive prices. 

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