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Brisbane Pro Bricklayers

Brisbane Pro Bricklayers are a progressive bricklaying company providing high quality brickwork at competitive prices

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Brisbane Pro Bricklayers CONTACT US Brisbane Pro Bricklayers are a progressive bricklaying company providing high quality brickwork at competitive prices Quality Work We build retaining walls that stand the test of time. With a variety of different styles CONTACT US This photo is of a brick fence laid by our team at Brisbane Pro Bricklayers Brisbane Pro Bricklayers Brisbane Pro Bricklayers are a progressive bricklaying company providing high quality brickwork at competitive prices CONTACT US

Bricklayers Brisbane

Brisbane Pro Bricklayers builds your dreams, creating detailed brickwork to suit your very desire. We boast of a tradition of excellence and bricklayers who pride themselves on attention to detail.

We are your one stop shop for brick fences, block work and all other brick solutions. We have the best qualified bricklayers in Brisbane in our crew, alongside state of the art machinery for your brickwork and blocklaying. With a workforce of expert bricklayers, we come through for all fencing and block work and can supply all materials.

We not only specialize in all aspects of blocklaying but also perform brick fence repairs and all kinds of brick repair work. You don’t need to break the bank to engage our team of Brisbane bricklayers and we always deliver within schedule.

Brisbane bricklayers stand solidly behind you like a fence, one block at a time.

Image is of a bricklayer in Brisbane laying a front brick fence

Why choose Brisbane Pro Bricklayers?

From conceptualization and designs all the way to building and finishing with our in-house resources, Brisbane Pro Bricklayers offer quality and value for your money. With extensive experience across a range of high-volume residential and commercial projects, we make binding mortar to brick worth it.

We can be your support system from start to finish. We are always here to listen and proffer the most feasible solutions from design and pre-construction phases all through to the end.

Brisbane Pro Bricklayers will not only provide solutions to any pre-construction issues but also infer ideas on health and safety, cost planning and “buildability”. We definitely look forward to hearing about your new project and how we can be of assistance.

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Brisbane Pro Bricklayers builds your dreams, creating detailed brickwork to suit your very desire. We boast of a tradition of excellence and bricklayers who pride themselves on attention to detail.

Brick Fences Brisbane

Armed with a ton of experience and the best bricklayers in Brisbane, we got your back on all types of brickwork, block work.

Our team of qualified bricklayers provide beautifully set brick fences with great aesthetic value and doubles as a strong security measure against intruders

Brick Repairs Brisbane

We are your best bet for all forms of brick restoration, renovation or maintenance.

Your brick repairs deserve an expert touch. We are experienced and are able to seamlessly match existing bricks and achieve a stunning finish. We can salvage your existing bricks, repair with similar materials and still provide competitive prices

Retaining Walls Brisbane

We build stunning retaining walls that add depth to your gardens and outdoor spaces. Keep your soil properly supported, beautify your lawns and garden and add value to your environment.

Contact us for your durable erosion control block and brickwork. Our earth retaining wall systems enhance construction efficiency and save you money. Let our block layers help provide the best solution for your needs.

Commercial Bricklaying Brisbane

Brisbane Pro Bricklayers are fully equipped to undertake large scale projects across the Brisbane and the surrounding Queensland area. As experienced contractors we understand the importance of completing tasks within a specified timeframe and will work closely with you to ensure we stick to your schedule.

New builds

We’re able to construct new estates, commercial buildings of various capacities and basements. Our team have got you covered and will also deliver you the best brick products with the best quality materials. If you are looking for professional bricklayers, you can rely on Brisbane Pro Bricklayers. We are regularly contracted by construction companies because we are competent and stick with your specifications like mortar. We deliver when we say we will, and are proficient in completing any kind of new build from small to large. We complete every project to the highest of standards and will provide you with ongoing feedback to keep you in the loop.

There are many commercial bricklaying services that we provide. These include:

  • Retaining walls
  • Lintel installation
  • New builds
  • Basement car parks
  • Large scale block projects


We possess the expertise to get your project back on track even in the face of unforeseen issues, we always plan ahead, consider all the variables and design solid plans to ensure success. We are experts in all types of new builds from residential developments to shops, and new offices. If you need commercial brickwork contractors who will exceed your expectations, get in touch with us now.

Do not hesitate to call us if you are looking for highly competent commercial contractors that will complete your project in record time and within budget. For all your commercial bricklaying projects, you can trust Brisbane Pro Bricklayers.

Brickwork is a necessary component of every construction project and it is vital that you have bricklayers that you can rely on. We have a record of excellence earned over years of stellar block work across Brisbane, from New Farm all the way through Bulimba and Ascot.

Our team of highly trained brick and block layers take pride in the work we complete. We also have an impeccable safety record, so you have total peace of mind when we work on your development. If you need commercial brickwork contractors, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Domestic Bricklaying Brisbane

Brisbane Pro Bricklayers are your first point of call for your full-service domestic bricklayers in Brisbane and surrounding areas of Queensland.

Do you need a home makeover? Your living space needs to be expanded to accommodate a growing family? From a larger garage, to an extension, we have the skills to build your dream home. We deliver to your taste to the smallest detail so you have a durable and hard-wearing structure built to last.

Transform your home

At Brisbane Pro Bricklayers, we work with homeowners to build their dream homes. We give you the extra space, offer cost effective brick solutions to building beautification and all sorts of constructions. Our options are often cheaper and hassle free compared to selling up and finding a new home to settle into. A brick renovation can add value to your home and create a more liveable space.

Home extensions

Our team of professional block layers deliver on your every desire. We make your dreams come through, from larger kitchens to broader hallways. Do you want to utilize that dormant space in your backyard? Boring bathrooms and closets? We come through on all your needs. We can build rear extensions, single-storey and multi-storey that are durable and built to last.


You can have any of your living rooms converted to make space for a studio, cinema or office. We can also convert unused garages to beautiful living spaces, cheaper than building new extensions and giving you all the space and comfort you crave. Call on Brisbane Pro Bricklayers today.

Holiday Houses

Brisbane Pro Bricklayers offer a wide range of services to suit your taste. Summer homes, beach houses and farmhouses are not exempted. We are your preferred solutions if you are looking to build any sort of outdoor garden structure. Bricklayers Brisbane build holiday houses. We can do this exactly to your specifications. From the designs on our portfolio, we are here to help you identify the right structure that will add value and color to your property.

Letter Boxes Brisbane

Brisbane Pro Bricklayers construct brick letterboxes that stand out beautifully and create the finishing touch for your home. Our letterboxes are attractive, durable and highly functional.

Whether you’re looking to incorporate your letter box into a new brick fence with us or are looking to build a stand-alone brick letterbox, our team has got you covered. We will work with you to create a bespoke brick letterbox that compliments your home’s aesthetic all the while adding value to your property.

We even construct letterboxes for body corporate and have serviced units and apartment blocks requiring one centralised letterbox that is functional and appealing.

With some many options to choose from, Brisbane Pro Bricklayers can offer ideas and also work with you to develop something unique that reflects your tastes and personality. Some of the finishes include but aren’t limited to:

  • Feature brickwork
  • Rendered
  • Bagged brickwork
  • Feature Blockwork
  • letter box with capping

Regardless of your letterbox requirements, get in touch with our team today. We’re certain we can help your achieve the letterbox to suit your style.